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Bear Glass is the 4th generation family business specializing in acid washed glass. We are the largest stocking distributor of Walker acid washed glass in the nation, with over a hundred different varieties.
The textures come in Satin, Velour and Opaque (upon request) along with 7 different colors. Walker acid washed glass products, offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The acid washed glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.

Acid Washed glass is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. They are found in many residential applications such as home decoration and furniture components. Some of the suggested applications are: interior partitions, shelving, interior and exterior doors, railings, furniture components, shower and bath enclosures, and more. Let your imagination decide the perfect application for your projects.

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